Specializing in modeling chocolate, natural colors and cake decorating supplies. Use liquid, paste or powder natural vegetable dyes for beautiful and healthy cake decorating, or choose from natural ready to use modeling chocolate, sprinkles, gels, dusts and more! We also have modeling chocolate in bulk and in fdc artificial colors.

We are honored to be recommended by the Feingold Association for our natural products as well as Master Pastry Chef Pierre Herme in the book "Macarons".

Our Modeling Chocolate is as easy to use as modeling clay! Charm City Cakes uses it to make incredible creations from a giant Mr. Clean to a life sized baby elephant cake, and more! See our review in Craft Gossip Blog.  We create a special version of our modeling chocolate for Williams-Sonoma stores. 

 Award-winning cookbook author Nancy Baggett decorated these Valentine sweets with our colors.

Choose from Sparkles, Sprinkles, Natural plant colors in paste, liquid, or powder, Writing Chocolate, Modeling Chocolate, then accent with Shimmer Dusts.

Looking for Easter Decorating? We have a great Egg Decorating Kit with vegetable dyes and fun activities. Shop for natural cake decorating products and icing colors made from all natural plant products. For macaroons and other pastries we now have natural paste colors and titanium dioxide (in the powder color section) that can be used as well as the liquids and powders. Read one very interesting way to use the natural powder colors in the blog Whats in Johns Lunch Bag?  Our natural colors are also recommended by Body+Soul Magazine ,

Rainbow Cake with Natural Vegetable Color
Go to our facebook page to see our Rainbow Cake and directions

To dye eggs with powder color

Put 1/4 cup hot water into a small, stable bottomed container.  Add 1/2 tsp of color powder to each cup.  Stir gently to dissolve.  For deeper colors add more powder to any of the colors.  Add 1 teaspoon vinegar to the red.

Gently put the eggs into the colored water. You might roll them a bit with a fork to color evenly.  Use a fork or spoon to carefully take them out of the liquid and put gently on an egg carton or paper to dry.

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